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September 2012

Liz Ortiz-Mackes & David Henderson join the Battle

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Hired Liz Ortiz-Mackes to cast Fight Con.  I was trying to do it myself, between actors I have known over the years and NYU students I have taught: who knows, I might end up with the same people (they are all really good) but bringing on another professional will, I think, take the project to

Interview With Independent Film Producer Kelly Timpane

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  Kelly Timpane is the co-founder of Endlight Entertainment LLC and an Executive Producer ofNinjas v. Zombies(2008), Ninjas v. Vampires(2010), and the upcoming Ninjas  v. Monsters. By day, she is also an HR executive.         How did you get involved with producing?  What is your role specifically? Those are both great questions Caroline, thanks. I got involved through my husband,