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April 2013

Should Celebrities Ever Star In Horror Movies?

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In my latest efforts to watch at least one science fiction or horror movie a week, I picked out The New Daughter with Kevin Costner and Intruders with Clive Owen. I enjoyed both horror films and would have given both higher scores than their average 5’s in IMDB (I’m an easy scare!). Both Costner and

Favorite Takeaways From the 5th Annual Film Finance Forum East

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I attended the 5th Annual Film Finance Forum East today, presented by Winston Baker with Variety magazine and chock full of key players in film production, distribution, sales and financing. There was so much information, and I highly recommend catching an upcoming conference like this if you can. It was encouraging to hear the different

Battle Below Season 1 Finale

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The Battle Below follows Derek, now a college professor, coming back to his old neighborhood. The projects are giving way to Whole Foods, the rents are insane and kids are fighting in dungeons with swords and axes for money, because there are no jobs. Written and directed by Bruce Faulk. Produced by Caroline Ceniza-Levine and