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Cancelled! Oxygen bows to pressure (maybe you were involved).

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Here is the link to the Announcement on Color of Change, that All My Babies; Mamas is cancelled http://colorofchange.org/campaign/tell-oxygen-and-its-advertisers-dont-exploit-black-families/ And there is a black President.  Again.  See, the world can change.     I grew up in the era of Blackxploitation films.  My dad was a camera man on Shaft and worked with Melvin Van

Cast coming together

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We are soooooo close to announcing our cast.  Very, very exciting.  So many webisodes I see have really cool ideas and good production quality but the performances are B level.  Why is that?  Coming from an acting/theater background I know that we are all screwed if the cast isn't up to snuff.  They are the one's

Liz Ortiz-Mackes & David Henderson join the Battle

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Hired Liz Ortiz-Mackes to cast Fight Con.  I was trying to do it myself, between actors I have known over the years and NYU students I have taught: who knows, I might end up with the same people (they are all really good) but bringing on another professional will, I think, take the project to