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How Joss Whedon Gets So Much Done

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Absolutely eat dessert first. The thing that you want to do the most, do that – Joss Whedon Ari Karpel posted a great piece in Fast Company on Joss Whedon: How To Be Prolific: Guidelines For Getting It Done From Joss Whedon. The above quote on doing the fun stuff first is just one of

I really did think that life would be like college, but it isn’t. Life is like high school. – Meryl Streep

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How is the entertainment business like high school? Cliques and stereotypes abound. The majority adopt the same formulaic trends (though I did see and enjoy “White House Down” so I’m part of the problem). Creative people are outsiders Smart people are overshadowed by the beautiful and physically fit As time goes on, you see that

Which Horror Movie Would Make The Best Musical

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This tap number is what I imagine if Friday the 13th were made into a musical, and Jason had his big song and dance number. Soundrack by Anarbor and costumes by Converse! Alison Tap Senior Solo from Scott Ceniza-Levine on Vimeo. Which horror movie would you like to see as a musical?

Should Celebrities Ever Star In Horror Movies?

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In my latest efforts to watch at least one science fiction or horror movie a week, I picked out The New Daughter with Kevin Costner and Intruders with Clive Owen. I enjoyed both horror films and would have given both higher scores than their average 5’s in IMDB (I’m an easy scare!). Both Costner and

Open-Source Software For The DIY Filmmaker

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The great thing about the modern age is that DIY filmmaking is easier than ever. There are many aspects to this, but I wanted to take a quick look at one: software. There is a bevy of great, easy-to-use, and FREE software out there for the budding filmmaker. Some of these you know, some maybe