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Interview With SyFy and Chiller Programming Executive, Tom Vitale

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Tom Vitale is an Executive Vice President, Programming & Original Movies, for the SyFy and Chiller channels of NBC Universal. I spoke with Tom about trends in entertainment, advice for aspiring science fiction/ horror producers, and the state of diversity in the industry today:   Exclusive, original content is more important now Vitale has been

Interview With Jeff Geoffray, President of Vumanity Media and Producer/ CFO of Blue Rider Pictures

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Jeff Geoffray has the distinction of being producer and CFO of a successful entertainment company, Blue Rider Entertainment (more than 100 pictures produced!) and now also co-founder and president of a tech start-up, Vumanity Media. Here are some highlights from my interview with Jeff Geoffray on the movie business today and why an established film

Interview With Casting Director Liz Ortiz-Mackes

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I had the privilege to work directly with Liz as she cast our upcoming project, The Battle Below. A veteran casting director and indie film producer, Liz graciously shared her story and her thoughts on the creative and the business sides of this industry:   How did you come to casting?  What are your favorite

Interview with Melinda McLaughlin, CMO of Tremor Video

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Melinda McLaughlin is the Chief Marketing Officer of Tremor Video, a B2B digital video technology company. Prior to joining Tremor, Melinda held executive positions in sales, marketing and research at A&E Networks. Melinda started her career in media planning. Step Up Women’s Network hosted a Power Breakfast featuring Melinda McLaughlin, who shared her career story

Interview With Independent Film Producer Kelly Timpane

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  Kelly Timpane is the co-founder of Endlight Entertainment LLC and an Executive Producer ofNinjas v. Zombies(2008), Ninjas v. Vampires(2010), and the upcoming Ninjas  v. Monsters. By day, she is also an HR executive.         How did you get involved with producing?  What is your role specifically? Those are both great questions Caroline, thanks. I got involved through my husband,

Interview With Screenwriter Koji Steven Sakai

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Koji Steven Sakai has written three feature films that have been produced,Haunted Highway (2006),The People I’ve Slept With(2009) and Chink (2012), the last two he also served as a producer. This summer he has another film going into production, Monster & Me, a family/Christmas story. Most recently, his script, Romeo, Juliet, & Rosaline, was optioned by Amazon Studios. In addition