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Where Does It End? And What Will You Do About It?

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If you saw the recent post by Bruce, then you know the deal with All My Babies' Mamas. In thinking about that, I went back to an article I had read recently - check it out here. A disturbing piece about the exploitation of the poor on television, it reminded me of why FBC Films' multicultural

Cancelled! Oxygen bows to pressure (maybe you were involved).

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Here is the link to the Announcement on Color of Change, that All My Babies; Mamas is cancelled http://colorofchange.org/campaign/tell-oxygen-and-its-advertisers-dont-exploit-black-families/ And there is a black President.  Again.  See, the world can change.     I grew up in the era of Blackxploitation films.  My dad was a camera man on Shaft and worked with Melvin Van

What Did Will Smith Do Right?

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When I tried to think of successful people in science fiction and horror film who are not white, only one name came to mind: Will Smith. Just look at his resume: Independence Day, the Men in Black franchise, I, Robot, I Am Legend (I try to forget Wild Wild West). These have all been large Hollywood films that did quite well financially.

Is Multicultural Casting Doomed To Stereotyping?

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If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend Slate's recent article on casting and race. If you want the SparkNotes version, here it is: this is a complex issue with no clear answer. What a surprise, right? The process of casting is multi-leveled, resulting in numerous places where the ethnicity of a role can possibly