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George Lopez Talks To Judy Gold At The 92nd Street Y

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I had the privilege of hearing Judy Gold interview George Lopez at the 92nd Street Y. Full disclosure: I am a BIG George Lopez fan. I discovered his TV show in reruns because my 11-year old watched it on Nick, and it became our family show. When my 11-year old had to get an MRI (for luckily nothing serious), I calmed her down by pointing out if she were George Lopez she might get her head stuck in the machine. She laughed throughout her procedure thinking of that. The MRI technician said she was the first kid who laughed during an MRI. Thank you, George Lopez!

He said a lot of funny and memorable things, many of which I Tweeted:

  • On turning 50: AARP wished me Happy Birthday before any of my family members
  • On taking 4-5 showers per day: I have more epsom salts than colognes
  • The George Lopez Show was the greatest thing that happened to me (CCL’s note: I love it when people appreciate their success!)
  • To the audience member who is still an aspiring comic at age 46 with no agent yet: You’re never too old. Continue to write and go to clubs

He talked about looking up to Freddie Prinze, Sr., and how important Prinze was to encouraging him into comedy. How’s that for another reason we need diversity in entertainment!

But my favorite line was when he answered an audience question about his driving force. Lopez grew up in a tractor house with no air conditioning – they would bring the TV outside because it was cooler to watch there. His first job paid $2/hr. He grew up around people with no drive. How then did he motivate himself and keep on motivating himself despite the slow start?

I wanted to be somebody more than I wanted to be nobody. – George Lopez

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