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Where Does It End? And What Will You Do About It?

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If you saw the recent post by Bruce, then you know the deal with All My Babies’ Mamas. In thinking about that, I went back to an article I had read recently – check it out here. A disturbing piece about the exploitation of the poor on television, it reminded me of why FBC Films’ multicultural mission is so relevant. Some people think that poor treatment of certain groups in the media is simply a race issue – but its not! As seen by shows like Buckwild, the poor are an equally big target. These are not minority poor people, either; the ones all highlighted in the article are white. If that is not enough for you, just think of the countless reality shows that have washed through our televisions over the past decade. Or, just look at the granddaddy – Survivor. Isn’t that show all about exploitation? And yet, it still carries on.

As much as we would like otherwise, I don’t expect everybody to be committed to greater multiculturalism in the media. But, regardless of who you are, I think it is morally unethical to turn your eyes away from the blatant wrongs being committed on television everyday.

Just think: If you wouldn’t make fun of somebody to their face, then why laugh at them on television?

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