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The Battle Below Is Screening At Shockerfest International Film Festival 2013

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MORE GREAT NEWS! The Battle Below will be screening at Shockerfest 2013. ShockerFest International Film Festival 2013 will be broadcast on the internet TV station CVML-TV and simulcast on www.shockerfest.net from October 15 – 31st. We're in the Horror - Shorts category and will be screened multiple times during that two-week period. Currently, we are [...]

Branding, Advertising and Product Placement in Independent Films

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Will Tiao, founder of Film Finance Master Class and writer and speaker on getting your film funded, recently wrote a piece on corporate sponsorship as a means to fund your film: Can I Get Advertising Sponsors to Pay For My Film? The Role of Branding, Advertising and Product Placement in Indie Films. One of Tiao's [...]

Update…Memorable Minorities Is A Go

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THANK YOU! We hit our crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo so Memorable Minorities is a go. We hope to shoot in the next few weeks, and we'll keep you posted on our blog. First up, Game of Thrones. Then, a hysterical piece by Melody Cooper -- you will not think of museums the same way again, [...]

Announcing… Memorable Minorities

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Blacks, Asians and Latins in Sci Fi, oh my! Help support our newest project, Memorable Minorities, a series of skits where we will show you what it would be like for there to be color in Sci Fi and Fantasy.  Check out our Indiegogo page, and help us out!  

How Joss Whedon Gets So Much Done

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Absolutely eat dessert first. The thing that you want to do the most, do that – Joss Whedon Ari Karpel posted a great piece in Fast Company on Joss Whedon: How To Be Prolific: Guidelines For Getting It Done From Joss Whedon. The above quote on doing the fun stuff first is just one of [...]

I really did think that life would be like college, but it isn’t. Life is like high school. – Meryl Streep

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How is the entertainment business like high school? Cliques and stereotypes abound. The majority adopt the same formulaic trends (though I did see and enjoy “White House Down” so I’m part of the problem). Creative people are outsiders Smart people are overshadowed by the beautiful and physically fit As time goes on, you see that [...]

If Steven Spielberg Is Worried About Filmmaking, Should We Worry?

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I read with great interest this Hollywood Reporter piece on how Steven Spielberg himself predicts the implosion of the film industry: If Spielberg feels like it’s tough to make a film, what does it mean for the rest of us? If literary, creative, or basically any non-tentpole films need to be made for TV, what [...]

Which Horror Movie Would Make The Best Musical

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This tap number is what I imagine if Friday the 13th were made into a musical, and Jason had his big song and dance number. Soundrack by Anarbor and costumes by Converse! Alison Tap Senior Solo from Scott Ceniza-Levine on Vimeo. Which horror movie would you like to see as a musical?