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Zombies In Kindergarten, Korea, and Everyday Life: Kevin Wayne Williams, Train to Busan, The Returned and The Rezort

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My favorite zombie entertainment choices are still the George Romero classics, 28 Days Later more recently, and The Walking Dead for the small screen. But recently, I’ve come across additional fun entries in the zombie genre: Kevin Wayne Williams is an engineer and author of Everything I Know About Zombies I Learned In Kindergarten. The

On My Netflix: Leave, A Late Quartet, and The Dinosaur Project

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On my Netflix viewing schedule were three films on death: Leave with Bryan Cranston and Ron Livingston is good marketing and good editing. It’s a thriller about a guy with recurring nightmares who meets a drifter who may be his presumed-dead brother. I can’t really say more than that without spoiling it. I say good

On My Watchlist: Blackfish, Devil and Side Effects

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After cramming in so many live screenings at theaters in the run up to the SAG Awards, it’s refreshing to curl up on the couch and tackle my Netflix queue. In keeping with the FBC Films target genres, I watched a creature feature, horror film and a thriller recently. Blackfish is absolutely a creature feature,